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Kunstmeile Krems

The Karikaturmuseum and the Kunsthalle, two museums dedicated to contemporary arts in Krems-Stein, offer a wide range of high-quality exhibitions year-round: The Karikaturmuseum Krems ist Austria's only museum for caricature, comic and cartoon. The Kunsthalle Krems features Austrian and international modern art.

We often take a walk from the Gästehaus though the historic center of Stein to the museums, stop for a bite to eat at Wellenspiel and return to Mautern via the footpath along the Danube.

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Schifffahrts- museum Spitz

"Land der Berge, Land am Strome" - "Country of mountains, country along the river" these are the first words of the Austrian anthem. Shipping has always been important for our region, the valley of the danube between Melk and Krems. This museum is dedicated to the history of shipping. An insiders' tip. We would go by bike to the museum in Spitz, take a bite to eat at our friends' restaurant Gasthaus Prankl-Altes Schiffmeisterhaus, with the ferry we cross the Danube an slowly ride towards Mautern.   


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