The meanings of "emerald" for the Wachau Valley

The emerald lizard loves the dry, warm stone walls in the Wachau valley which is why it is often seen there and has become a symbol.

Emerald lizards prefer sun-warmed stone walls which are found along vineyards, semi-dry grasslands or orchards. They take long sunbaths in the morning and evening - during the day they climb around in the vegetation in search of food. They feed mainly on spiders and insects, but occasionally also fruits.

The magnificent emerald lizard also gives its name to the emerald wine, which is complex and long-lasting.
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And because the lizard is so beautiful, it was recreated in an impressive size above Rossatz. Several beautiful hikes through the vineyards lead to the stone emerald lizard.

Our fellow student Stephan Schmatz runs the website and has also described a short tour of the green lizard here.


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