Danube Boat Trip

There is so much to see, so take a seat on one of the Danube river boats and enjoy the magnificent view

There is a grand view of the UNESCO World Heritage landscape from aboard the white Danube ships. If you want a box-seat from which to watch the incomparable Wachau unfold with its terraced vineyards, fortified churches and small villages, the Danube invites you to climb aboard. Or to be more precise, climb aboard one of the many ships, excursion boats, ferries or local boats.

Enjoy the diverse landscapes, the artfully laid-out vineyards with their typical stone walls, the broad plains and the precious art treasures on both banks that make this one of the most beautiful stretches of river valley in Europe.

There are several companies providing ship service on the Danube. Most of them connect the towns and villages of the Wachau. For instance, ships run regularly between Krems and Melk.

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